Over Post-Processing Your Photography

In my last article I wrote about photography from a beginners view and how to post-process photos in order to touch them up for whatever reason may be. In this article I will discuss why post-processing a photo is a very real problem that you should be mindful of at all times. In many circumstances, individuals will take a photo without thinking about any of the common rules and fundamentals of photography. Ignoring these fundamentals causes great issues in the image captured that is then taken to the post-processing stage.

In the photos above you can clearly see there is a noticeable difference in the clarity of the pictures taken. This is due to image noise that we spoke about in the last article. When you are editing your images you have to be considerate of the amount of noise being put out from your picture, and you have to be aware of how to reduce its mark. Noise is never going to be absent from your image, and anyone who claims such, is simply not right. All electronic devices emit noise and it’s disruptions can be seen in greater detail or in small detail.

A background of this image: I took this image in Mohammedia, Kingdom of Morocco with my then-fiancée after a nice seafood supper. I took this image to editing phase on Adobe Lightroom and Snapseed. In each case, as I outlined in the last article, I decreased exposure to focus on my subject, the horizon’s colors, I decreased clarity to reduce noise, and increased de-haze to bring out high-definition. After that, I then decreased contrast to further reduce noise, and increased highlights to bring out the golden colors.

I then moved on over to Snapseed, where I used selective focus to structure certain aspects of the image, and used brush mode to increase saturation and temperature. I then saved it. As you could tell, it’s still pretty hazy even with all the noise reduction I did on it. So I purchased for $3 an application called Perfectly Clear which has a noise reduction option within their system as well as an entire editing based software which I will begin trailing, and the picture at the right is the end result. Please note the remarkable clarity you observe with Perfectly Clear’s noise reduction software.

This goes to show you that the type of camera you have makes a big difference in how much noise reduction you can achieve out the gate. The next article I will discuss the why I believe that you shouldn’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on cameras and equipment.

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