Don’t Spend Thousands of Dollars on Gear

Let’s face it, living in this century is ridiculously expensive. Needlessly expensive. Why should we pay $1,000 on a new phone? That’s right, you don’t have to. These days you can get basic quality and software for a reasonable price.

Reasonable, I say, because of inflation in our society, it’s difficult to get good quality equipment for a great price. I am a Portuguese man, and as such, I seek out better deals w/ good quality, and that’s why I went with my Canon camera that I use. I bought a kit from Amazon that cost me a total of $600 and it came w/ the camera, two lenses, multiple accessories.  A great value! I use the Canon Rebel t5 EOS 18MB Digital SLR.

Now, what the heck is a EOS and a Digital blah-blah?? Well, EOS refers to Canon’s auto focusing system and it’s a fancy way of saying it. Digital SLR means that, instead of film, the camera is digital, and SLR means: single lens reflux. The mirror moves out of the way of the shutter when the camera’s activated. Simple enough. You have camera’s that are more expensive due the amount of mirrors, auto focusing, zooming, digital capture area, etc. The typical landscape photo has a much wider area to capture the image inside the camera.

But nonetheless, a Rebel t5 is a great camera to start out with because with good fundamentals, and a knowledge of post-processing, you can accomplish anything. I mean that sincerely.  Why I mean that because, primarily, your money is where your lens is at. A good lens will get you very far!! I use only three types of lenses.

The first lens I use is a Canon EF-S 18-55mm lens. The reason why I like this photo is it’s versatility to create wide-range or telescopic landscape images. I can capture a pretty decent amount of depth, detail, and other things in the lens, but it’s quality can be a little bit better. The second  lens I have, but don’t use much is my Canon EF 75-300mm lens.  This is a quiet heavy telescopic single mirror digital lens. I’ve used it a few times to zoom into a mountain range while on another summit. Heck, I even used it to capture a couple sitting on top of an enormous rock enjoying the sweltering Virginian heat. It’s a good lens for low-level entry into photography, and good to work on those macro-detail, portraits, and telescopic images.

The third lens I just purchased, and am anxious to try out,  is a Canon EF-S 18-35 mm lens. This lens has dedicated image stabilization and can be auto-focused with no sound, and can be manually adjusted while in auto-focus mode. It has high precision optics which allow this lens to work to capture great images in any focus point: crisp, sharp, clear, and colorful images with little photo noise. The Image Stabilizer within the lens allows for colorful and clear images in low-light, less than optimal lighting conditions. A must have lens for everyday use!

In conclusion, I have only spent an estimated $1,000 from the camera pack, to the hiker’s ruck, to the quality tripod, to my lenses. Remember, it’s not about the price of your equipment that makes you good at photography, it’s the quality of your equipment, the talent you naturally have (everyone has talent), and the ability to learn!  My next article I will discuss the fundamentals to photography so that you can begin to build confidence in your photo-taking skills.


God bless,


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