Travel #4: Square of Spain

Palace of Spain

A couple of years ago I had the opportunity  of being one of many Americans to live aboard in the Kingdom of Spain. In Spain, there are so many thousands of sites to see! Places that pre-date the glory days of Spain’s Reconnaissance kings. Spain is an ancient land full of mystique that one can literally feel when you’re there. It’s as if your early ancestors are tugging upon your spirit to beckon you back to home. 

One beautiful tourist attraction was in the heart of Seville in the Maria Luisa Park sits the massive and stunning Square of Spain. The beautiful structure was built before 1929 for the upcoming Ibero-American Exposition Spain’s world fair that was held in Seville in 1929. The Plaza was built to showcase Renaissance and Moorish Revival architecture styles. The styles are intriguingly represented in the building’s beauty. The imposing Gothic appearance is opened up by the Moorish expansive and elegantly designed archways that invite the visitor to enter into the building. The bridges are styled in the pre-Visigothic, Roman design and decorated beautifully by Moorish tiling.

The entire end of the city was redesigned to fit the idea of the Square, with her gardens and expansive boulevards.  At the center of this Moorish styled part of the city is the Parqué Maria Luisa. The Square was built by Annabelle Gonzalez in an effort to showcase Spain’s industry to the outside world, and this impressive monument does just that! Today, the Plaza consists of governmental buildings, and the King of Spain uses the building from time to time for summer retreats.

With the beauty of the grand expanse of the park and along with the plaza, the whole area is used for backgrounds for portraits from tourists. Spain’s economy runs on tourism and with it’s income, Spain’s economy falls in fifth place within the European Union.  However, years of running deficits, and the recession that hit Spain in 2007-08, severely hurt Spain. This was, and in most circumstances, is seeing easily in the most southern region of Spain, Andalusia. The cost of living is very cheap in the South due to their not-so thriving region.

The main source of income from these regions comes from tourism, cork, and wine industries. The area is full of tourist attractions from zip-linning deep in the heart of the ancient Sierra Nevedas to city attractions found in places like Rota, Cadiz, Malaga, Grenada, etc. I would highly recommend anyone who travels to go to the region’s official tourism website page to begin to plan their trip. That way, you can plan out in detail, where to go, where to stay, where to eat, where to shop, and then, where to get lost. I do mean lost! To me, the only way for one to hear and heed the call of their ancestors is to forget the damn cities, and get out into the deep countryside of the place  you are visiting. Chances are the loving people you meet will inspire your adventure and make your passion for discovery burn ever brighter!


God bless,



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